Forever Alone Horse

Derby has been stuck inside for days now, nursing a hugely blown abscess that exited via one of his heel bulbs.  The ground is still muddy, so for now, he’s in.  He’s actually handling it extremely well, due in part because I am able to wrap the foot well enough to keep the wound clean while he enjoys some playtime in the indoor arena.

Early this morning,  I turned him out as the other horses were being taken outside.   He didn’t frolic.  He stood in the middle of the ring, ears swiveling, and then whinnied forlornly. It was such a sad little whinny.   Poor kid.  He’s convinced that he’s been abandoned by the herd, consigned to be forever alone in the arena.

It’s snowing and freezing today, so tomorrow he gets to go out.  And he’s going sound, so I’m going to get on for an easy ride tonight.  He’s over the hump, and he’s such a good boy.  Hang in there, Derbs!

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One Response to Forever Alone Horse

  1. Liz says:

    He looks very regal in that picture lol

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