Some time to reflect

Derby was clearly not thrilled after suffering the indignity of a bath.

I’ve had some time to reflect lately, as Derbs came up a bit lame after I was away for a few days.  My genius vet, Dr. Nicky Wessel, of Cutting Edge Equine, is coming to see him tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for a simple problem with a quick fix!

So I’ve been spending my time watching Christy make tremendous progress with her horses, reading some de Kunffy, watching videos and doing lots of cardio and ab work, to mitigate the deleterious effects of holiday cookies (a fatal weakness) and being sidelined with a nasty cold.

2010, in retrospect, was a big year for me.  I emerged from my experience with Maddie a better and (ultimately) more confident horsewoman.  I have found a good partner in Derby – he’s a horse I can really work with.  We have tack that fits, and I feel like the pieces are starting to come together.

So what are my goals for 2012?  I have a few:

  • Continue developing my strength and fitness.  My riding has improved as my fitness has, and goodness knows I still have plenty of opportunity to improve in both areas.
  • Develop a good seat. A really good, solid, balanced, independent seat.  This means relinquishing my stirrups  – and ultimately my saddle for some schooling and lessons.  (Cringes.)
  • Improve Derby’s responsiveness.  I have to take responsibility for his training every ride.
  • Push myself.  Do more, try more, ask for more, expect more of myself.
  • Continue to have fun.

Showing is definitely on the agenda.  However, to get into the ring and be respectable, I need to nail down some of these goals first.