Kudos to OTTB Designs

The good folks at OTTB Designs finally came out with a dressage-size version of their handsome saddle pads, emblazoned with a leggy horse and “OTTB,”  leaving no doubt about the lineage of the frisky hot blood (or pokey plain bay, as the case may be) underneath.

All of OTTB Designs’ sales benefit thoroughbred-related charities, including several rescues and adoption groups and a number of retirement organizations.  That’s fantastic.

Even better, OTTB Designs are responding to a real crisis down South, donating $5 from every pad sold to the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association.  This accredited 501(c)3 is on the front lines of a big  rescue from a failing TB breeding farm.  Every little bit helps (and more is needed, consider a separate donation to LHRA, I’ve already sent mine in!) because they are arranging for transport, quarantine, treatment, care and shelter for dozens of thoroughbreds that are in very poor condition.

I just ordered two.  One for Derbs, and one for Liam.  Don’t tell him, it’s his Valentines’ Day present.

Kudos to OTTB Designs – and to LHRA too.

About Sarah Skerik
Sarah Skerik is an experienced digital business executive and strategist with a long track record of success in team leadership, employee development, marketing and business development.

2 Responses to Kudos to OTTB Designs

  1. Caitlin Taylor says:

    Did you receive your dressage pads? What do you think?!?

    • Sarah Skerik says:

      Yes! The are even prettier in person. We love them! There’s a dressage show with a Jockey Club incentive fund award for OTTBs this spring – we can’t wait to represent!

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