Magical Muscles


After a week of business travel that was capped off by a flooded house and a torn up hoof, I think I’m finally going to be able to get back on Derbs tonight.

My wonderful farrier rebuilt Derby’s foot on Monday, after he ripped the shoe off his right front during some paddock hijinks over the weekend.  Derbs was tender on it for a while but last night he looks great longing outside.

In addition to being sound, Derby’s whole way of going has changed.  Instead of going around  braced and inverted on the longe line, he’s using himself really nicely, and is even stretching himself, which I’ve never seen previously.  I don’t think I saw a bulging under-neck once last night.

Seriously. Look at his neck and his top line. (And his bodacious rump. Nice booty, Derbs.)

Christy is reporting similar observations in Remy.

What’s the difference?  Both have been doing vastly improved, more correct work since saddle fit issues were ironed out.  They must be building strong new muscles that support and encourage more correct movement.   The changes are evident physically – they’re adding muscle and their top lines are improving.  But so is their way of going, at liberty and on the longe.

The effect of correct dressage work is truly profound.

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2 Responses to Magical Muscles

  1. Jan says:

    What saddle did you find that worked with your OTTB? I have a TB which is extremely hard to fit. Most saddles are too narrow in the back and so puts pressure on her spinal column. Very ouchy! I would love to see my TB moving like this on the lounge line. In fact we can’t get her to lounge right now. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

    • Sarah Skerik says:

      Hi Jan –

      I am using a new Bates Isabell, with their Riser system, which allows me to add shims under the panels to achieve a good fit. I love the riser system for TBs because in addition to adjusting the gullet narrow enough for them, I’m also able to fill in those hollows on either side of the wither. It’s worked like magic for Derby, I couldn’t be any happier. The Isabell also really works for me as a rider – it’s a well balanced saddle. Good luck to you! I know how difficult saddle fitting is.

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