It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but that’s not for lack of news. On Monday of this week, Derby had tie-forward surgery to correct persistent displacement of his soft palate (DDSP) and his tendency to aspirate food into his airway.  It was big surgery, requiring general anesthesia, which freaked me out, and a short stay at the vet clinic afterward.



Scoping. No twitch needed when you have Xylazine on board!

Monday morning, I went over to the clinic for the pre-surgery scoping and ultrasound.  They didn’t find anything to stop them from going forward, so I kissed Derbs goodbye (on the butt since they immediately started clipping and scrubbing the incision site, under his jaw) and headed home.  I wrung my hands for a few hours, and then got the call with the news that I wanted to hear – that Derby was awake, recovered from the GA and back in his stall, munching hay.   I got to go visit that day, and while he was still a bit woozy, he looked great.

Derby in his stall at the clinic. You can see his shaved face and throatlatch.

He came back home yesterday afternoon.  We’ve had to remodel his stall, to keep him from lowering his head as much as possible.  He’s eating out of a raised tub, and we’re feeding hay in a net above the tub.  It’s working fairly well.  He also has a new mint-flavored Lick-it but he’s not shown too much interest in that yet.

He’s on stall rest for the next thirty days.  In mid-December, we’ll be able to get back to light work.  In the meantime, I’ve lined up a few other horses to ride, so I don’t get too rusty.


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5 Responses to Post-Op

  1. Come ride Cloud!! Btw, we have a riding lesson Sunday if you wanted to watch!

  2. Susan says:

    Get well soon, Derby

  3. Hi Sarah – glad that Derby’s on the road to recovery! Keep us posted on your make-up rides. ;D

  4. Tina Galloway says:

    Good fast recovery to your man Derby. You are such an inspiration to me with my OTTB. He has similar personality traits to Derby. Very opiniated, you can negotiate with him but don’t demand or try to force him to do it. That only gets you a great big NO WAY mom! He thinks he is a movie star after all.

  5. Yikes, that sounds pretty intense. Here’s to Derbs feeling much better in the future and the 30 days flying by. 🙂

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