A #FAIL, a win and a second.

We got some good work done in the warm up.

God, where to start.  What a day!  Today we went with a few barnmates to a nearby schooling show.  It had a great turnout, which you always like to see – but the warm up ring was chaotic.  All of the Green as Grass/Intro classes went in the morning, meaning that the ring was full of either green riders or green horses (or in some cases, both.)  There were two horses I was steering clear of, and a handful of kids that weren’t really watching where they were going.

The warm up ring was a zoo. I hated it but Derby was totally cool.

It sucked.  It was crazy and I hated it, but Derby was a total star.  He was as cool as a cucumber, and we had a great warm up.  I was really excited about our test, because he felt great and things were going very well.

Until they weren’t.

Things became very un-okay in a heartbeat, when Derby spooked – and spooked hard – at something in the corner.  Normally, he takes me with him but I simply couldn’t stick this one.   Nope.  I wound up in the dirt, scarily close to one of the horses I’d studiously been trying to avoid – a hot-potato giant green warmblood that was spending most of its time light on its front end and backing up.  I did think for a minute that I was in for a good stomping.


…and here we go.

On my way down.  The horse to my right is the stompy warmblood.

It took me a minute to determine that I was okay, and initially I told Christy that I was going to scratch. But really, the fall didn’t hurt and I didn’t get stomped by the big scary warmblood.   I felt fine, so I shouted to Christy that I had changed my mind, and she managed it with the show crew.  I got back on and out we went.

Derby was pretty tense but we had some nice moments.  I was able to get him to listen and round and engage – not consistently, but more than I did at Silverwood two weeks ago.   We brought in a 55%  which would up being good for fourth, out of a class of eight.  Not bad, after all.

My next ride was a bit more than an hour after my first, so I untacked Derbs so we could both chill a bit.  We did a minimal warm up (but were able to go by that corner with no further incidents) and rode a better test, garnering a 60.3%.  This second ride netted us the red ribbon for second place.

We got a 7 on this free walk. 🙂

It was a fun day, and we made some good steps forward, not the least of which was managing a decent test after that harrowing warm up. I’m going to shoot for another outing mid-June.


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8 Responses to A #FAIL, a win and a second.

  1. Awww…it sucks to fall off, no lie. Still, you guys are making such progress!! The pictures are great…even the one where you’re about to bite the dust. Pretty sure that’s just what I looked like when I fell off Miles the first time. Not fun, but not painful. Glad you were ok, and you went on to have a great day-that free walk looks lovely! Enjoy the rest of your (hopefully long) weekend!

  2. Annette says:

    I’m proud of you for getting back on and going right in the ring like that! The disappearing front end is the move I can’t stay on, and how Bella got me off in December.

    Also, aren’t you a fellow duck butt fighter? Because look at that first pic – how he’s using his topline and you’re sitting so well. Be proud of yourself! Progress! And congrats on performing well, when you would have had plenty of excuses not to.

  3. Dag – who documented the parting of ways? You get the dedicated blogger award for that!

    Well done getting back on and riding your tests anyway. That took guts girl! You two look great in the other pictures. I bet nightmarish warm up rings won’t even phase you after this. Boo on the stompy warmblood!

    (SO our parallel lives continue – I hit the dirt last week too) 😉

  4. dressage rider says:

    I’m so glad that you got back on and showed. Congrats! Wish I had photos like that. Although I have video and that may be worse.

  5. I hear you about the circus going on in the arena…I was there, too, on Endorsed Bullion and it was crazy! We were on our way in from test A when you met the dirt. I commend you for picking yourself up and going on…it was a scary moment for sure especially with that horse that went every way but forward! It was a pleasure showing with you. It was my first-ever show and I definitely appreciated the “schooling”! Ha! maybe we will see you at another show! Happy training…I’m right there with you!

  6. Sarah Skerik says:

    Sue, thanks for stopping by! That warm up was much worse than anything you’ll encounter at other shows in the area. Hope to see you and your lovely TB out again soon!

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