Should the farm (or other horse biz) be on Facebook?

Does the farm – or other equestrian businesses – belong on Facebook? I wrote this article a while ago for my company’s blog, and decided to share it here, with my equestrian friends, after a conversation I had this weekend with a fellow horsewoman. For those of you with small business, I hope this is helpful. We’ll return to our regularly-scheduled programming tonight! – Sarah

Beyond PR

Part I in a two-part series on using Facebook to promote small business.

Over the weekend, I spent some time putting together a rudimentary Facebook plan for a friend. She is admittedly not into social media, but she does understand web marketing, and is grudgingly considering establishing a Facebook presence for her organization.

Like many small business owners, she is busy, busy, busy, and she doesn’t have staff devoted marketing activities.  If she wants to do some marketing, she has to stop her “real work,” plop down in front of the computer, and get busy.

Now, some background.  My friend is in the equestrian business – she runs a nice facility for boarding and training horses that caters to people who actively compete at horse shows.  I’ve long thought that Facebook would be useful for her business – she has a good regional footprint, the local associations that run area…

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Sarah Skerik is an experienced digital business executive and strategist with a long track record of success in team leadership, employee development, marketing and business development.

One Response to Should the farm (or other horse biz) be on Facebook?

  1. tbatx says:

    Very helpful! Lots of good ideas there. Thank you!

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