A quick update

The ups and downs have continued, a bit. I was away for work over last weekend, and during time, Derby sliced the inside of a hind leg open.  Liz was babysitting him for me, and gave him some excellent first aid, and arranged to have him kept in for a couple days, since we’re still mired in mud.  The wound is healing nicely, and I did a couple short rides this week when I returned.

However, he started to spring a shoe, and I was determined not to call my long-suffering farrier, since we have an appointment for tomorrow morning. So for the last two nights, we just walked.  Derby was bug-eyed at a the newly opened arena doors, so I took the opportunity to do lateral work, and really feel his hind legs.  Getting control over the inside hind is the key, but I don’t have a ton of feel for that yet.

I have family coming in this weekend, and won’t be riding Friday and Saturday.  Sunday we’ll be back in business, and next week we’ll restart regular lessons.

In other news, my friend Frank leaves for a new home on Saturday.  His new owner is besotted and he’s going to a lovely farm with rolling, grassy pastures.  We’ll miss him terribly but it sounds like a great place for him. My very best wishes to Deb and Frank for many happy years together!

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Sarah Skerik is an experienced digital business executive and strategist with a long track record of success in team leadership, employee development, marketing and business development.

One Response to A quick update

  1. Dag Sarah – you and Derby can’t catch a break! Glad to hear you’re back riding – guess the injury wasn’t too drastic. Looking forward to reading about your upcoming lessons. 🙂

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