Some relief

Derby's ouchy heel - the right bulb is swollen.

It’s day number God-only-knows-what of gooey mud here, and about a week or so into Derby’s lameness.  I mention the mud because I meticulously clean his legs every time I go out to the barn – which is normally six times a week.   Over the last week, that right hind on which he’s been off has been a little tender to the touch, but with no evident heat or swelling.  After doing a thorough lameness exam, including flexions and hoof testing (all was fine),  Dr. Nicky told me not to worry too much about it, was probably just a tweak due to the awful muddy footing, but nothing serious.

Well, I got a little relief today when I went to see Derbs.  As I was cleaning that foot off, he snatched it away, holding it up for a minute.  Clearly, my gentle attention with a soft jelly scrubber wasn’t gentle enough.  Once I got a decent amount of the mud off, I was able to feel that one of his heel bulbs was hot, angry and inflamed. I carefully wiped the mud away and took some pictures, which I emailed to my vet.

Without having her input yet, it appears to me that he’s brewing some kind of abscess. I hope his body just resorbs it, rather than blowing a big hole out his heel.  As gross as that scenario would be, however, it’s better than having an issue with a suspensory or the joint.    So, I’m relieved, even if poor Derby isn’t.  He got another couple grams of bute, eased along by a lot of molasses, and some extra cookies for his woes.

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