Bwahahaha. The indoctrination has begun.

I’m out to dinner with Mr. CollectingTBs. It was pouring and we were sharing an umbrella as we walked from the parking lot to the restaurant.  He kept pushing into me, and I kept stepping away.

“Stop moving!” he said as I sidestepped once again. “I’m trying to get my head under the umbrella!

“Sorry! I was moving over when you pushed me!”  I retorted.

“Like a dressage horse, you mean?” he scoffed.

My uuber non-horsey husband is learning!

About Sarah Skerik
Sarah Skerik is an experienced digital business executive and strategist with a long track record of success in team leadership, employee development, marketing and business development.

2 Responses to Bwahahaha. The indoctrination has begun.

  1. Ha we all end up with certain horsey traits don’t we, I have a friend who, when you’re trying to leave, kind of blocks you like a mare would.

  2. I love when my Dad tries out the horsey lingo – I also love when he helps load hay, so I don’t mock the lingo… 😉

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