Robert Dover is coming to town!


This coming weekend (October 15 & 16), Robert Dover will be giving a clinic at Wyngate Equestrian in Walworth, Wisconsin.  Wyngate is where I board Jag, and I am auditing both days.   I’m especially excited about Sunday, because Christy is riding in the clinic that day.

This will be my first big time dressage clinic.  I’ve seen a couple with local trainers, and they were informative.  And the George Morris clinic I audited last year was incredible – I learned a lot even though the focus (upper level jumpers) is not in the least bit germane to my riding and my goals.

Robert Dover represented the US in the Olympics six times, and in the World Cup seven times.  He’s also reputed to be an excellent clinician and teacher, and is probably the preeminent coach in North America.  This is simply an amazing, amazing opportunity.    And yes, I’ll be taking copious notes, which will end up right here.

If you are in the area, come join me at the clinic – here’s the information about auditing:

Photo courtesy of Wyngate Equestrian and Robert Dover.

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One Response to Robert Dover is coming to town!

  1. Good luck Sarah. My advice – see if you will be allowed to videotape, or if you have friends riding in the clinic ask if you can get copies of their lesson tapes (because I’m sure they will tape their lessons). Reviewing videotapes is some of the best investment you’ll ever make in doing a clinic.
    If not, bring a big notebook and a pencil.

    Also, it’s usually specific to the type of clinic, but nice trainers will often let you come in the ring to see close up or hear better if the clinician doesn’t have a mic. Don’t turn down that opportunity if you get it.

    PS – Did you know Robert Dover has an online radio show? it’s pretty entertaining

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