Straighter & Better

Finally, I'm sitting up straighter going to the right.

Over the weekend, I worked hard on my balance going to the right.  As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been feeling twisted and icky going this direction, and I failed to pick up the canter going this direction in Thursday’s lesson last week.

So over the weekend, I did lots of stand-stand-post-post and standing work.  I paid attention to how my legs felt when standing, and how they laid against the horse.  I made sure my shoulders were back, my hips open.  And I stopped working so damn hard, focusing on balance instead.  And it worked like a charm.  The transition to the right was better on Saturday, and on Sunday, Derby stepped neatly into the right lead canter when I asked.  I was also able to produce a decent trot going to the right – a far cry from the inverted, braced, counter-bent hot mess I produced a couple weeks ago.

We're getting better contact, too.

I attribute these improvements to the continued focus Christy’s giving my seat and balance.  I’m definitely sitting up straighter, especially to the right – my earlier tendency was to collapse. Today, as we warmed up, I was sitting on my seatbones, with my legs entirely off the horse.  As we talked, Derby started to step out, and swing.  I kept my core soft, my hips loose, and stayed on my seatbones, sitting up straight.  I had really found the balance sweet spot at the walk.

Christy had me try to find it at the trot going right, and I think we came close – as we tweaked my position and my leg, Derby showed his approval by moving more easily.  And as a bonus, I started to get a really strong, steady connection from him too.   Things are headed in the right direction.

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