Seeking professional help.

I continued to mess with my saddles, pads and shims in an effort to cobble something together that would work for Derby until Kate Lamacki, a Master Saddler (one of four in the US) and Qualified Saddle Fitter can work us into her schedule.   When I tried the Wintec with a medium narrow gullet, the saddle was pommel high.  On Sunday, I switched to a medium gullet, which looked a hair wide, and added ultra ThinLine shims to my Mattes pad.  The balance looked OK, the wither clearance was fine, it didn’t feel like it was pinching.

I rode Derby for about 20 minutes, when he started to feel resistant – he was unwilling to go forward, and was starting to toss his head.    I promptly dismounted.

Despite the short ride, the clean white saddle pad didn’t reveal anything in the sweatmarks – it was hot, and Derby was pretty dirty.  The pad was one big smear of sweat, fly spray and dust.   I didn’t see any dry spots on his back, and I poked and prodded for soreness, but didn’t find anything.

However, on Monday night, Christy palpated Derby’s back, and found a couple spots that were a bit sore, which was no surprise, given what transpired under saddle the night before.  There was no way I was going to compound the situation by riding,  so we spent the evening exploring the farm, and grazing with Liz and Cloud.

So we’re grounded until we meet with Kate, and (hopefully) find a new saddle that fits us perfectly.

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5 Responses to Seeking professional help.

  1. milesonmiles says:

    FWIW, I’ve found (and heard) that a lot of horses don’t like the CAIR panels…I’m assuming this is what the Wintec had, as I think they make all their saddles with it now. I know some people love them and their horses tolerate CAIR well, but a saddle fitter told me it can be very hard, literally, on a horse’s loins. Just my two cents. I personally loved the Wintec Pro for how it fit me, but it made my TB mare back sore. No more Wintec- back ok. Hope you figure out what works for you both, soon!

  2. Sarah Skerik says:

    It will be interesting, Sarah – Maddie was fine in the Wintec, Jag wasn’t – but he had lots of extenuating circumstances. I’m not loving the Wintec for me either – I’m tall, and am long from hip-to-knee, and a longer flap would be good for me. I’m really looking forward to having a proper saddle fitting!

  3. Saddle problems, yay. At least you know to listen to your horse and have a local saddle fitter! I am so happy for you.

  4. tbatx says:

    Last night (Tue) his back was still sore, so I didn’t get to ride him. Fingers are crossed that tonight he’s all good so I can finally get on the Derby Horse!! Can’t wait til Kate can come out and get him a saddle he’s comfortable with!

    • Sarah Skerik says:

      Awww, poor DerbyHorse. If i get home early i might come out and rub him with sore no more and give him a cool shower. 🙂 He will get a new saddle soon!

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