Victory! New, Improved Seat & Leg

Victory!  Albeit a small one, but I don’t care, I’m taking it.   My week of hip-flexor torture is paying off.  In last night’s lesson, my leg and seat position was much better.  My leg was hanging correctly from the hip – toes in and making full contact with the horse – and best of all – it didn’t hurt.  I wasn’t overloading my ankles with weight while at the same time twisting them inward (that really hurts!)

Interestingly, Christy asked me if I had dropped my stirrups a hole.  Huh, I didn’t think so, and verified that no, the stirrups were on the same hole I usually ride.  My leg sure did feel different though, and I suspect it looked a bit different to her, too.

I also got to test the strength of my new position.  Mads spooked sideways and for a second I thought it was going to evolve into a bit more of a spook.  But I was solid in the saddle – rock solid in fact – and was able to ride through it nicely.  Though my heart was pounding afterward and my legs momentarily were jelly, Christy assured me that I rode it well and never looked like I was having a problem.

So, progress!

Relaxing after a ride


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