Forward … and upward

Tonight I rode the mare more forwardly, but we still weren’t forward enough.  Our ride was better and we had fewer of the problems I enumerated yesterday, but I’m sure glad my lesson is tomorrow night.  I must work on bending Mads into that outside rein. And I need to develop a better response when I ask for “forward, NOW.”

One interesting thing did happen tonight, and unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone standing around with a video camera, because I sure would have liked to see what was going on.

As I was asking Maddie for a bigger trot down the long side, I continued to flex her slightly right and left, asking for a tiny bit of give.  Then, along the short side, I would half halt her, and ask her for a little trot.  The goal of this is (among other things) is to work on our adjustability within the gait.  But down one of the long sides, I felt a few things happen.  I felt her back come up. And then I felt like I was going to be bounced off.  The trot had a lot more motion than the regular working trot does.
Ah-ha, I thought to myself.  This is the big trot with more suspension.  I adjusted my post, spending a little more time in the air, matching Maddie’s stride. This made the trot a bit easier to ride – but it was still a challenge.   As we came into the short end of the arena, I half-halted, bending into the corner. Her back was still up, but the stride shortened. Interestingly, the motion I felt at the big trot – probably increased suspension – continued at the little trot.  A quick consult with Christy afterward suggests that we were starting to collect a bit.

I’ll have a camera at my lesson tomorrow. I’d really like to see exactly what we’re doing – especially if we’re starting to collect.  That would be news indeed.

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